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Demystifying Permanent Makeup with Shelley Todd

I want to introduce you to Shelley Todd, a permanent makeup artist who works out of Peek a Boo Wax Boutique and Salon in Vista, CA. She is going to help demystify the permanent makeup process.

ATT:  Tell us about yourself, Shelley. 

ST:  I have been in cosmetology since 1983 and in 2001 was introduced to permanent makeup by the trainer who trademarked the "Feather Stroke" eyebrow technique. I  was hooked. I love to enhance the natural beauty in everyone!  I go for the natural look v. the heavy makeup look, and our pigments are very natural in color. The pigment is placed under the dermal layer for a very natural look.  I have many testimonials from my clients, most of whom were referred to me.  I have had very many memorable moments as I have been able to transform someone's looks for the better, all for different reasons.  I also work closely with others that are in the business of transformation, such as a wonderful person who makes wigs for chemo clients.  It's a privilege to bring someone positive change.

ATT:  What areas do you specialize in when it comes to permanent makeup?

ST:  Brows, eyeliner and lips (lips can be lined or filled in).  I have also been called upon to fix unsatisfactory work done by others and am skilled in tattoo removal.

ATT:  What is the standard process once someone decides they want to go through with permanent makeup application? 

ST:  It is a two step process which requires an initial appointment and a follow-up appointment to go over the area and fine tune several weeks after the first procedure.  A numbing gel is applied for your comfort.  There is very little soreness and downtime.

ATT:  Why consider permanent makeup?

ST:  There are many benefits or reasons to consider permanent makeup:  it's great for an active lifestyle, in the case of allergies to cosmetics, visual impairment, little or no brow hair, alopecia, sparse or light lashes, scars resulting from injuries or surgery, watery eyes and hay fever, unsteady hands or simply a desire to always look your best. 
I love what I do!

You can find out more about Shelley and the work she does at  Call her with any questions at 760-809-3881.

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